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    Welcome / Bienvenue to!


    When Nissan announced it was bringing back the Micra, Tim (Daox) and I (Darin) decided to start a site dedicated to this fun, little car. Why? Because we're a couple of gearheads who also happen to really like economical vehicles, and thought the Micra deserved a brand new forum.

    (And in case you're wondering, no, we're not connected to Nissan in any way.)

    So, welcome to this community of Micra enthusiasts! Sign up! It's easy and free, and we'd really like to hear what's on your mind:

    Anything else that's on your mind about the car, let's hear it!


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    how do I delete myself from this forum, sold the micra...

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    I really would like to know the reason why you sold your micra. Were there some engine, transmission, brake system, consume too much oil, not giving enough mileage per liter, etc. problems? I had to add almost a liter of engine oil before my fourth oil change and thought that this is way too much engine oil consumption on a 2015 Micra with only 38,000Km. I'll definitely be checking on it before my next oil change. Noticed some oil on the old air filter too. Hmmm....not a good sign. I hope it is not a crack engine header.

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