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Thread: Is there a way to pass a wire from the interior to the engine bay?

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    Question Is there a way to pass a wire from the interior to the engine bay?

    Greetings fellow Micranauts, I'll try to keep it short: I need to pass a wire for a relay from the interior to the engine bay since I'm installing a button horn. Simple task right? Well after hours of inspecting the firewall it looks like it'd be easier to get a camel to go through the eye of a needle. You may see a bundle of wires above the dusty tube shown in this image, that's the only grommet I have found from the engibe bay but even if I passed a wire through there somehow I don't know where it leads to the inside. The other leads are all inside inaccesible plastic tubes.

    I have heard that drilling a hole through the firewall is the simplest option, but I'm not 100% sure where the best spot to drill would be, or if any spot will do. Can anyone with more knowledge than me be able to help this beginner DIYer?

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    I passed a wire through where the hood release cable goes through. Mine was to run a fog light relay.
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    yes there is, its on the driver side wheel well up empty rubber bung...its on this forum and i cant remember who did it but i thanked him and i verified it looks me if u cant find it..i wrestled with this for hours and thought it was impossible until the revelation

    amazod maybe was the person ?

    maybe that the same as PTBOs advice
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    I have my demon eyes running through the provided grommet, drilled another hole beside it and have a cable gland securing the power line for the subwoofer. The wires come in above and to the left of your feet, lots of room up there for hooking in to the interior fuse panel or running stuff along the bottom fo the door.

    found my craptacular write up - pics at the bottom of the location


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