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Thread: DIY Mud Guard Install (factory look, aftermarket part)

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    DIY Mud Guard Install (factory look, aftermarket part)

    DIY Mud Guard Install

    During my first winter with the little go kart, I was getting fed up with the slush build up on my driver's door and the clumping of ice and snow inside the rear bumper. So I foolishly purchased and installed some universal mud guards from CT (Canadian Tire) that cost $65+ for all 4. They did the job, but fit horribly. So in an attempt to save anyone from the same mistake, I have put together this DIY:

    I came across these:

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    The quality is great for a factory replica, (obviously OEM would be color matched, but cost about $450). They are as good a material as the CT ones, if not better and for $25 you can't go wrong. Fitment was 100% on the front, and about 80% rear. Toss the monster screws that come with the kit and make a quick trip to the local part store for some fasteners:

    Name:  20190413_182859.jpg
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    You will find this easier with the wheels off, but can be accomplished on the ground.

    Remove the few clips from the inner fender liner:

    Name:  20190412_164531.jpg
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    Then install the bracket clips (recommend you apply some grease on them):

    Name:  20190412_181056.jpg
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    Secure the guard with the 10mm bolts, ensure the guard fits tight to the fender, and tighten down:

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    For the rear, some drilling is required. Drill two holes to the required size depending on what fasteners you choose. Don't worry, the factory has left dimples to make it easier:

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    Install the bracket clips, line up the guard and fasten down with the bolts (ignore the previously drilled hole from my other guards):

    Name:  20190413_121659 (2).jpg
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    Next we have to deal with the lower mounting tab, again more drilling. This hole is pre-marked from the factory however, the guards are off by a little bit:

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    Fasten with the nut and bolt:

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    End state:

    Name:  20190413_152531.jpg
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    Nice work.

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    Another nice write-up. THANKS!

    Added to the Micra modifications, customizations & DIY list

    Definitely need to do something at the rear drilled holes to prevent rust, if you live in the rust belt where I do.


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    Thank you for being the first to try this out.

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