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Thread: Need cheap rims for my Micra (How do I know what will fit?)

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    Need cheap rims for my Micra (How do I know what will fit?)

    If I find 15" , 4 bolt rims. How do I know if they will fit my micra, without physically trying it ? But I need some. For $120 or less

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    I have been down this road before. Here are some parameters the wheels should meet to fit the Micra:

    Bolt Pattern: 4x100
    Hub/Center Bore: at least 60.1 mm

    Offset and width are important specifications that determine whether or not your wheels will rub/hit your fenders or suspension parts and therefore not fit properly.

    The Micra's stock 15 inch wheels have an offset of +50 and width of 5.5 inches. To be safe, I would stick to wheels that are close to these values. For example, try to pick wheels with an offset of +50 or +40 and a width below 7 or 8 inches.

    In regards to finding wheels cheap, I would look at Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji listings. The specifications listed above are normally found on the webpages for specific wheel models on manufacturer websites. Some specifications such as width and offset are also found imprinted on the inside wall of a wheel. Otherwise, I would ask sellers for the above information to double-check fitment.

    You can also try contacting nearby auto scrapyards for wheels from junked Micras as those are pretty much guaranteed to fit.

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    Cheap oem Honda and Hyundai rims should work. Provided they use the aforementioned specs


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    Sadly, Honda hub bore is 56.1, and Hyundai is 54.1

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    aftermarket 14" rims will fit but the stick on wheel weights can be a bit of a squeaker to the caliper.

    runnning 205/45-16 snowtires on 16" -7" wide aftermarket rims at the moment (not optimun, but a good comromise im finding)

    the thing about aftermarket rims is usally the centerbore is big enough for anything

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