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Thread: Sun's out, Mounts out. (Modified engine+transmission mounts)

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    Sun's out, Mounts out. (Modified engine+transmission mounts)

    The sun actually came out today... and it was only zero degrees. Off work early, so I finally had a chance to tackle something that has been irritating me since day one with this car:

    The amount of "slop" in the mounts is unacceptable. I could actually move the engine a disgusting amount just by pulling on the back of the intake manifold. I wanted to add some rigidity to the engine and gain some throttle response, reduce slack in the clutch, and firm up the shift linkage (the shifter dance in third gear). This may also be accomplished by installing the NISMO upgraded mounts that are available (obviously they saw a problem as well) however, I have no interest in paying that much for something I can solve with a caulking gun.
    I removed all three mounts in order to add polyurethane. Here is my method:

    2018.5 K13 5spd SV

    Required tools:
    Ratchet set and wrenches
    Needle nose pliers
    Two jacks (hydraulic or scissor)
    Polyurethane windshield sealant
    Ziploc bag
    Petroleum jelly
    GLOVES! Black polyurethane will ruin whatever it touches.

    Support the engine with one jack, and the transmission with the other (use rubber blocks or wood so you dont damage anything). Lift them just enough to take the weight off the mounts.

    Remove intake piping from the front of the air box, to the fender.

    Disconnect and remove battery:

    Name:  20190308_134710.jpg
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    Remove the battery tray, exposing the transmission mount:

    Name:  20190308_135345.jpg
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    Remove the four blue chassis bolts (two underneath) and the center nut. At this point you can lower the transmission slightly and tap the center stud loose from the upper portion of the mount and remove the upper portion, or just remove the entire assembly. Then remove the three transmission bolts, and remove the lower portion:

    Name:  20190308_142313.jpg
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    Name:  20190308_142337.jpg
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    Removing the passenger side is tight if you have A/C. Very little clearance between the engine cover and A/C lines:

    Name:  20190308_134705.jpg
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    Name:  20190308_142334.jpg
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    The transmission mount is merely suspended from the upper rubber bushing by the center stud. The inner core of the mount post is a void, and doesn't actually support anything, and allows for a considerable amount of engine movement. This will be filled with polyurethane:

    Name:  20190308_145633.jpg
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    The passenger side mount speaks for itself:

    Name:  20190308_150111.jpg
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    Name:  20190308_150137.jpg
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    Name:  20190308_150153.jpg
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    Next up, preparing for polyurethane.

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