Anyone else with a Micra S or SV experience an issue where ice builds up at the bottom of your fenders?

I don't have mud guards or side skirts added to my SV.

I live in the Yukon and we frequently get warm winds off the Pacific bringing up the temperature to 0-5 degrees in the middle of winter and then dropping back off to -30. When this happens (happening more now near spring), the snow melts and then freezes at the bottom of my fenders, often causing the bottom corner of the door to scrape the ice buildup sounding like metal on metal.

Does anyone else experience this? I've been thinking of adding in mud guards and hoping it might help. However, it may just trap the ice/water even worse. I'm mostly concerned about ice scraping the paint off in the corners of my doors and then starting to rust out from that point.

I'll try to take a decent picture and upload it after.