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Thread: New Catalytic Converter Fabrication

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    New Catalytic Converter Fabrication

    Project #1 for this year

    When installing the cat-back I noticed some severe rusting happening to the lower half of the cat's flange, so much so that it's having trouble sealing (can see light through the entire lower half), and it bends out of place under the spring bolt's load. Tried fixing this temporarily with high heat epoxy but... here we are.

    From the flange mating face to the weld bead at the back of the cat is 12", and the post-cat O2 sensor is ~2" beyond that. So since the second cat on our cars isn't tested by the computer (and thus could be completely removed with no check-engine light issue, but wanting to at least look responsible for anyone who happens to peak underneath...) I picked up a Yonaka race cat (they're out of Ottawa but prices are USD with silly shipping). The issue is that the thing is 11.625" long, with 2.5" cone terminations:
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    The tube leading from Cat#1 to Cat#2 is 2.125"... because why would they pick a normal size for reducers and couplings... So a 2.125 ID to 2.75 reducer is on the way, as well as a 2.5 to 3.5 for the flange side. some cutting and welding later and I should have something that can slip on perfectly with room for a clamp.

    Digital before and after :P
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