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Thread: Self-unlocking front doors

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    Self-unlocking front doors

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum, Iím pretty stoked to have found a forum for this awesome little car I got.
    On the models with the manual locks, Iím sure everyone is familiar with the self-unlocking front doors. Iíve read this was implemented to help people not forget their keys inside their car, which is pretty neat. However I hate his feature, itís annoying to have to explain the Ďhold the handle open and close doorí method to passengers.

    Iím curious if anyone lock-savvy knows a way to disable this feature? So that if you lock from inside, leave, and close the door, it stays locked. Itís really my only gripe with this awesome car! (That and no A/C in base model, almost irrelevant with 9-month Canadian winters :) )


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    Super delayed response...

    First: welcome to the forum!

    Second: I'm sure there's some way to defeat the system.

    But ...

    If you're going to pull the door apart, wouldn't it be better (and more useful) to add power remote locks? Several members have done this to their S models:

    Thread: DIY: adding keyless entry / remote power locks to Micra S


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