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Auto Trader has posted a guide for people who might buy a used Micra, now that it's been on the Canadian market again for 4 years.

It includes sections like:

What Owners Like (eg. fuel economy, easy parking, roomy for its size, zippy performance)


What Owners Dislike (eg. highway stability, lack of arm rest, cheap interior plastics)

"Cheap interior plastics??" I'm wondering how much of the above was gathered from reading journalist reviews of the car vs. talking to actual owners. EG: I've never heard anybody complain about interior plastics! Did he register here on the forum to ask? Hmmm.

There are also sections on common problems and a specific section on engine problems that were reported earlier in production, but which we haven't heard about recently.

There are a bunch of links in the article directly to this forum, including to:

Thread: 2 warranty issues - Micra 2015 SV (headlights; loose bolt)
Thread: Problems ALREADY! (engine knocking at certain RPM - HR16DE - solved)
Thread: Hard to change gear... (problem in the shifter to the transmission?)

If the writer would have contacted us, I could have pointed to some better threads about warranty work and what members love and wish was better about the Micra.

Read the full article here:
Used Vehicle Review: Nissan Micra, 2015-2018