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Thread: I am embarrassed but must admit (no Micra for us)

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    I am embarrassed but must admit (no Micra for us)

    .................. that I am not going to buy a MICRA. Shortly after we moved to Canada we went to a dealer. My wife immediately said "its too too small" I sat in it and found the seat extremely uncomfortable. It was so bad I did not even take it for a test drive.

    We have found a new red Versa Note SV with a manual transmission for a little more than the MICRA. We will be buying it tomorrow .

    We have a 2014 Nissan Cube that has never seen salt. We will put it away for the winter and use the VERSA NOTE during the winter.

    I REALLY wanted to buy a MICRA, but the planets did not line up.

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    Glad you at least got a manual! The Versa Notes use the same engine as the Micra and the Kicks, the HR16DE. So you're getting the same power plant as the Micra. The Versa Note and Micra share a lot of parts between each other, so don't be shy of scrapyards if you want cheap parts.

    Size wise, the Versa Note isn't actually that much bigger than the Micra. It's like, an extra 6 inches of wheelbase, an overall 13 inch difference in total length. But I can agree that the Versa Note interior is bigger feeling. I get by running a mobile business out of my Micra though!

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    Which Micra trim did you sit in?

    The base model S has 4-way adjustable seats, and I found they were lacking thigh support. I vastly prefer the SV/SR seats (6-way).

    I'm surprised you found the Note OK -- I'm pretty sure they use the same seats as the Micra. Maybe ptbo can chime in on this topic.

    Regardless, welcome to Canada and congrats on your Note!

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