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Thread: Rear fender liners

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    Rear fender liners

    Hey guys, recently got a Micra S. These cars apparently don't have fender liners in the rear, any idea if they can be purchased from somewhere? I can see corrosion being a big problem in winter, and driving in the rain you can hear a prominent sound of water coming off the tire haha.

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    I don't think I've ever seen a torsion bar rear end with liners, and there aren't any existing attachment points (if you're handy with a heat gun you can pick up thin ABS sheets and form your own though?). The wells have a fair amount of sealant everywhere, rocker guard spray can be used if you're really worried - just takes time to properly clean all the surfaces under there (invest in brake clean).


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    my 2015 fit i took the liners OFF!, you dont want to make a place to trap a mud or leafball, thats where it rusts, just flush the wheelwels when you wash and i use a thick greasy lubricant/undercoat --rustcheck---that does wash away eventaully...i usally spay a bit around after washing

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