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Thread: Blacking out some Chrome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
    Looks awesome! But, your car is grey!?!?! I didn't know they made grey cars, I thought all cars were black... hmmmm... just kidding

    I did mine with plastidip... masking the front grill is quite a job...!
    I agree with the masking part. I didn't even bother with trying to tape off inside the badge, so it is a lil metallicy in the gaps of the Nissan Badge.
    As for preference wise, I would much rather a metallic or gloss that I can power polish or paint repair later on. Oh, and no offense intended but I find Plastidip looks, cheap, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myde View Post
    Oh, and no offense intended but I find Plastidip looks, cheap, in my opinion.
    Yeah it looks a bit cheap that's why I got the glossifier, but I kind of like the matte finish on logos and badges. At first I was going to buy a Dupli-Color Black Chrome kit from Canadian Tire ( My main concern was that if I don't like it (or do a bad job) and used paint it would destroy the chrome.

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    After 4 years the plastidip on the front bage was looking very rough and the one on the steering wheel started peeling off.
    I removed both badged off, cleaned them up and re-sprayed. Just need redo the rear badge now

    Front badge after four years / after fresh plastidip application
    Name:  Collage_20220402_021029.jpg
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    Steering wheel badge after remounting it to steering wheel cover
    Name:  IMG_20220402_015040.jpg
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