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Thread: Anyone know where I can get an SR Trim radio in Canada?

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    Anyone know where I can get an SR Trim radio in Canada?

    Hey everyone!

    I am still thinking about getting an SR radio and putting it into my SV since it doesn't come with usb. I was wondering if any of you would know any places in Canada to where I can find one. I've been able to find damaged SV's and S's, that's pretty much it. I looked on Ebay and only found the crap one that comes with my SV.

    Any help would be great,


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    I was tired of searching for one and the dealer is asking like $3000 for the SR unit (ridilucous!)... I just bought this instead.. it starts paying music from your phone when the bluetooth connection is established, just like Apple Play... plugs into the AUX input on the head unit and the 12 volts cigarette lighter plug (Is anyone still has a cigarette lighter and more important, still smokes in their car?):

    Also, as opposed to many rechargeable bluetooth 3.5mm adapter, it works when plugged in the 12 cigarette lighter plug when charging... cost like 7$.. which is a $2993 saving (I expect a check of 10% of the saving I just got you)!

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