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Thread: Steering column U-Joint and Car Mats

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    Steering column U-Joint and Car Mats

    Quick post about the U-joint.

    I had a banging feeling under my feet on the drivers side floor of my car for about a week. My dad and i took off the tires, inspected the tie-rods and steering mechanism for it to be completely fine, so we checked the brakes and everything in the wheel well to be sure I hadn't hit a pothole and broken my car.

    Turns out it was the winter mat I had in my car COMING OFF THE NUB and jamming itself into the exposed steering column causing it to get stuck inside the U joint when turning, creating the banging feeling when it was pulled INTO the U-joint. The nub was invented to stop the mats jamming the peddles, but now when it fails the exposed u-joint is also a worry.

    I bought the universal Michelin all weather mats. The system they have on them for the safety nub attachment is awful and this could have resulted in my car steering column being jammed and not being able to turn the wheel back, a safety concern for sure.

    If you are buying mats, I would make sure they are NO longer than just under the peddles because if they move they won't be pulled into the u-joint and make your steering column stick.

    You can see the middle part of the top of the mat is discoloured from being twisted into the joint.

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    I think wynter has this issue too...somethingto watch forfor sure

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