Photo: base Micra. From thread: Review notes: 2015 Micra S 5-speed extended test-drive - Darin's thoughts

It's just a throwaway line in a review of the Nissan Qashqai by David Booth:

Nissan’s own Micra can cost as little $10,000, but nobody in their right mind buys a base Micra. On the other hand, you can get by with a base Qashqai.
Micra-Forum members would beg to differ!

There's an overwhelming love for the base Micra here (it was until very recently the most popular trim in the garage).

So just for fun, I wrote a little (OK, too long), email to Mr Booth:

Re: your comment "nobody in their right mind buys a base Micra", in your recent Qashqai review...

As an admin of Canada's, I can say: you got some 'splainin' to do!!

You will of course not be surprised that the base $10k Micra makes up a small fraction of Canadian Micra sales overall (8%, according to Nissan).

What's interesting is there's an overwhelming love for the base Micra among our small community of enthusiasts (700 members and growing): a whopping 30% chose one. It even outnumbers the sporty "SR" trim. Go figure! Clearly something about this honest-to-goodness cheap & cheerful car stirs the automotive passions.

And in case you doubt our auto enthusiast bona fides, check out the take rate for the manual gearbox: a massive 62% of our members drive a Micra with a stick. (All trims, not just base.) What's the appliance-driving general population's preference for manuals these days?

I'll conclude this already-too-big defense of the littlest Micra with a prediction: base Micras will also be over-represented during the Micra owners parade lap at the Micra Cup season opener at CTMP this weekend.

Cheers, and happy May Two Four!