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Welcome, ontario_micra!

Thanks for posting your review.

I'm assuming you're talking about the power draw of A/C here?

I saw a really funny image posted yesterday in a Jalopnik article:

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Full article... https://jalopnik.com/how-im-living-w...e-s-1826057763

OK, so a modern Micra has over 2x the power of a Nissan Pao, but anybody who's driven an economy car with A/C understands what this is about!

You could just cycle the AC in city driving: turn the fan on max, and hit the AC button when slowing and when stopped. Hit it again before the light changes to green.

Cool - keep us posted. By now, you may even be able to source used SR trim parts from wreckers, if you're looking to save a bit on parts costs.
OMG hilarious! Thanks for the review Ontario Micra and the great pic, MetroMPG! Although it's not that much of an issue today as 10-15 years ago, most small engines will still be affected somewhat by the A/C cycling off and on. I might be wrong, but I think when we have our A/C on under full throttle, our Micra's computer automatically shuts off the compressor to give the little engine a bit more power, then turns the compressor back on when you back off the accelerator (at least that's what it "sounds" like from inside the car...). To save a bit more on gas & engine power, we usually close all the windows and use the power vents on high when traveling down the highway on a warm day; keeping the air moving inside the car is usually enough to keep the interior comfortable for a while...