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    Oil Catch Can K13

    So most have probably noticed the HR16 engine seems to exert a phenomena called blowby, most modern engines are equipped with a blowby re circulation passage that reenters the harmful gases back into the combustion chamber for emissions purposes.
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    Over the course of the winter, I got a hold on a Carbing catch can kit designed specifically for the K13 Nismo S March by Okuyama a large JDM manufacturer of various Motorsport parts rivalling Cusco.

    This unit features an aluminium housing 600ml volume with a plate built-in, to help separate oil and mist gasses. Also, features a level gauge, and drain plug.

    The kit sells for about 200US, there's not much of a big difference between a ready-made package and their stand-alone catch can offerings except that the hoses, clamps and brackets come pre-designed depending on the model of the car.
    A friend of mine was in Tokyo Auto Salon this past January and Okayama had a large booth there selling at bargain price these items, cost me about 150$ after conversion.

    Installation is quite strait forward, removing one of the left headlamp screws to attach the pre-made bracket that will hold the unit.
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    The can fits perfectly alongside of my Cusco strut tower bar, most of the tricky hassle was getting the right size hoses measured up to a neat clean install. The original hoses provided were to short since they were sized according for the HR15DE engine, both HR15 and HR16 use 15mm fittings, a 1/2inch PVC hose fits snug.

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    I had to rotate the baffle box that helps catch some of the mist with its fitting usually pointed downwards to upwards to get the PVC hose to line up correctly behind the strut tower bar.

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    Now I don't have to worry about oil mist getting into the cylinders, also this upgrade will provide feedback on how much oil is being blown by and thus a doubles as an tool to see more serious blow-by symptoms.
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