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Thread: New Rattle Sound. (Dashboard, near windshield, passenger side)

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    New Rattle Sound. (Dashboard, near windshield, passenger side)

    Hello! So lately a new rattle has appeared in the Blue thunder . The problem is that it's not the same kind of rattle as we, Micra owners, are used to hear. It's coming from the center-passenger side of the dashboard, near the windshield, and can only be heard when going over sharp bumps over to the left side. It's rather metal to metal sounding (more than plastic to plastic) so that is why it got me worried.
    If anyone experienced this and knows what's the problem let me know!
    Thanks Guys!

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    Last summer, something similar happened to me. Basically turned out to be the exhaust heat shield rattling on the catalytic converter. One of the mounting holes was ripped and the bolt no longer kept it in place. I simply used a large oversized washer to re-attach and sandwich the heat shield between it back in place. Haven't had the heat shield dangle since.

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    I was very embarrassed when I tracked down a rattle. It was occurring when I went over any bump. After a couple of weeks of this irritation I put my hand on the dash ( which is where I thought it was coming from ) and could feel no vibration. Then I felt the headliner and could feel the vibration in time with the rattle.. Then I looked at the sun visor. I remembered when I had it shifted over to the side and when I returned it I was very close but not tucked in. The rattle was the end piece on the sun visor tapping against the bracket that holds it.

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