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Thread: LED Conversion Kit Micra/March K13 H4

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    I purchased a set of Sylvania LED 9003/H4 @ Canadian Tire & had a lot of trouble installing them
    because I didn't really follow the instructions & just installed them like regular bulbs. It was VERY difficult
    to get the 2 clip wires to catch the bulb bracket & I turned the rubber boot inside out & ran the power cord through the hole.

    The boot kept popping off so I added tywraps etc to hold it in place & then it started pouring rain so gave up.
    I came in & found this posted comment in this thread;

    For those who may also buy these and doesn't read instructions like me, the retaining plate comes off and you install that first, then stick the dust cap back on, then twist the bulb in there. I would also consider some additional weatherproofing on the connections.

    Then things made more sense after removing the retaining plate & installing it 1st (& the right way around)
    The rubber boot now stays on & the heat sink is exposed to the air & not covered up.
    I had to use a glove to remove the retaining plate as its pretty sharp BTW.

    I only installed one headlight as a test & was surprised the DRL didnt work on the other side with the standard
    halogen bulb.

    I decided I dont care about DRL working as I always run with the headlights ON & the Philips bulbs were only
    lasting about 1 year.

    Hopefully have much better luck with these.

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