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Thread: DIY: TPS relearn procedure (throttle position sensor) .

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    DIY: TPS relearn procedure (throttle position sensor) .

    I tried it today the engine light comes on and blinks as per instructions so I feel it is correct.

    Iím trying to to see if it helps my t/b which has been periodically throwing a P2135 code.

    Typically happens at start up or during a kick down decel ( heel toe for manual - rev match for down shift )

    Engine light comes on and car is in limp mode. Itís happened maybe half a dozen time or so. I just clear and reset and restart car. (Scan gauge or OBDII reader or disconnect negative terminal on battery and drain system of charge )

    Iím going to good thru the full procedure one more time ( now that Iím home ) and let idle for 15 minutes.

    Hopefully this resets the tps and hot start warm engine conditions.

    I feel like the only reason Iím having this problem is the procedure wasnít done right when my engine bottom end was replaced by Guelph Nissan. The problem only happened after swap not before.

    I believe that there ď bottom end only ď stance means that they never did a re learn procedure after install since they werenít touching the head.


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    So you did all the procedures listed on that page? Or just one of the sets related to your prob?


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    the first steps of the procedure is to perform the first 2 before doing the third.

    Yes I did them all.

    I noticed the throttle is really learning again, you can feel the difference at WOT

    WOT has been reduced. I can lean on the pedal and it’s maxed. Feels different.

    But so far no limp mode no engine light. So it’s happy so far. I’ll report anything new that develops.

    What’s the baseline idle rpm as per-factory service manual? 650 +\- 50 @ 10* BTDC +\- 2?

    I’m steady at 750rpm @ 10* so May need more tuning?

    I’m thinking it might be worth while to pool our resources and have a “nissan consult III” for the forum.

    Now that a lot of warrenties are up, diagnostics can be expensive.

    A forum owned tool could be extremely useful. I know there are 1000’s of ways that could go wrong.
    But I mean. Damn. 1 diagnostic inspection could cost over $1000 which is almost the cost.


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    good lord IMPUL if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all!! LOL

    things it wont be---but check
    ground strap to the engine?--they replaced engine, maybe didnt put back?.
    Throttle body plug ?---they may have removed when taking manifold off to get at bottom end?

    random internet thoughts.....

    WTF is a "nissan consul 3 ??"..i never heard of it ???
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    hmmm...purchase price 2018 is now 10,488...spark cheaper now

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    Things to check for sure.

    I’m not exhibiting signs of those things really tho.

    Nissan consult is Nissan specific diagnostician tool.

    Most professional tools can do most things but consult can modify if needed not just read and turn on and off relays.

    That type of dianogtis tool could be had for a couple hundred but the professional ones with abs air bag emissions controls etc are like $1500+.

    If I experience issues after the relearn I’ll swap the Tb with the spare I have and test that one. And then I’ll test a junker versa one. And I’ll still not have spent the same amount as new.

    the TB have a common issue. I think the fact that the design includes water cooling that if they get hot they can become problematic.
    Which makes sense. Electric flow changes with temperature. All of my problems have occurred in low start up temps or high operating temps. And the sensor is report irregular operation.


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    So the re learn only exposed it more, which is typical when the ecu try’s to learn around the issue.
    I replaced the air filter, Long and short trim fuel back to 0’s

    My rad that’s leak from a pin hole is spraying coolant at my air box.

    I believe this saturated the filter and caused breathing issues.
    Which would explain why is only happens at cold start or high temp. The filter looked gross.

    So far a whole day has done by and the car feels better and haven’t experienced the p2135 code.

    So I might return the T/B I’ve ordered back to rockauto. Unless someone wants them.

    Versa 60mm - $217.53
    Mr18 70mm - $150.00 ( 65mm bolt holes needs adaptor to fit)


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    So the new filter doesn’t hurt, but it didn’t fix it. I swapped in the new rock auto versa 1.6 tb and did the relearn.
    Again new values being reported this is good cuz it feels better and looks better.

    Man without this scan gauge I would have had to stop on the side of the road to reset multiple times. It really is a blessing when you can see something happing when you feel it happening and know it is actually happening. Lol.

    So far so good. Cold start tomorrow will tell me a lot but the highway test drive felt good. The kick down was smoother and less hesitantion

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