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Thread: New Battery Fun

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    New Battery Fun

    A few months ago I boosted a friends 300... that in itself should have you giggling :P

    The OEM battery has something like 350 Amps of max output, and I have no idea what "group size" it is, I assumed it was the same as the versa with a 51R but it's not (dimensions are 7" Deep, 8" Wide, 7" Tall + posts, Terminals Reversed (negative on the left))

    Long story short, I had to replace the battery, thing showed 12.3V while off but dropped to 5.1V when trying to crank (alternator works fine and outputs ~14V). If anyone else needs a new one and wants "roughly" the same size but a bit more headroom, grab a "Group 47" - it's 8" deep, 9.5" wide, and 7.5" tall but has recessed posts so overall it's within a quarter inch of the OEM's height... and they have a ~700 Amp output. The tray our battery sits on is huge, I still have over an inch on either side.


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    Good to know for when my battery shits the bed. I might just go to an Optima battery after, I don't now. I'll see in a few years. My battery is only 8 months old.

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