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Thread: Micra for sale in Abbotsford (How could they have paid so much??)

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    Micra for sale in Abbotsford (How could they have paid so much??)

    Saw this ad since I put in "Nissan Micra" as a keyword search for Google Alerts.

    My car is a 2015 SV model - same as the seller - bought mine for 17,000 ish - yet this seller claims to have paid 25,000! Am I missing something here or did this person get ripped off - or is this seller full of BS?

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    Could be both!

    I've seen buyers load up the car with dealer add-ons, then buy the "extended warranty" package. That can add many thousands to the price.

    I have an uncle who paid several THOUSAND dollars for a dealer rust-proofing package (including a few re-applications), and then sold the car before it was even 8 years old! (In which case, why did he even bother? It didn't add several thousand dollars to the value of the 8 year old car!)


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