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Thread: Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Issue (First problem with '17 Micra 5MT)

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    Exclamation Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Issue (First problem with '17 Micra 5MT)

    Just a quick post on an issue I ran into on Christmas day.

    I took the Micra for a spin around the corner after sitting for 2 days in -30 and initially it started and drove fine. However, after I got back in the car at the store the check engine light came on, the VSA light was stuck on and the car felt like it was stuck in 4th/5th gear.

    Luckily, I have an ODB2 reader and Torque and was able to limp it along to a gas station to investigate.

    It turned out to be P2100 - Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit/Open and P2101 - Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Range/Performance.

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    No matter what gear I tried to put it in it behaved the exact same way, the motor would not rev and the car would just inch along doing about 10km/h. The engine was still idling fine while the problem was present but throttle and gears were unresponsive.

    I checked all of the visible connections in the bay and reseated the connection to the throttle body actuator.
    Then I cleared the codes with torque, tested the throttle in neutral and it began to rev freely again and all was fine afterward.

    This morning taking it out again I did not run into the same issue but I gave the car a good 10-15mins to warm up.
    I'm hoping it was a one off issue due to the cold and not warming the car up enough before hand.

    I've never had any electrical circuit issues due to the cold before (short of just having batteries die) and I've lived in northern Canada most of my life but all of my other cars have used throttle cables not DBW.

    Anyone else run into this problem?

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    so far.... for my other 3 electronic throttle body control car which I had own..... No.... Usually the biggest problem is the throttle body move too slow during the first 1-2min......

    But if your car still have warranty, I highly recommend you to replace the module and/throttle for free.

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    thats definitely COLD.!!!...Live in Vancouver so cant say i have experience in that temperature with my micra.

    i would assume the throtle housing and plate are made from dis-similar metals, i would check the throttle plate is free...very free to move, but that's a total guess.
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    Hey - it was -30 here in the south yesterday morning too. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR COLD UP THERE, PLEASE.

    My brother's Nissan X-Trail had a failed throttle control actuator and had exactly the same symptoms you described. His needed replacement (older car though).

    Let us know if it happens again. Also if you get a dealer fix, let us know in:
    Thread: Micra warranty repairs -- have you had any done? Or trouble-free so far?


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