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Thread: 14 inch snowtires do fit.

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    14 inch snowtires do fit.

    Just confirming

    14 inch rims do fit on this car. I put my 14 inch Nokians on today.

    If anyone has 14 inch tires and would like a set of steel rims

    -- Look at any Nissan Cube's in the wrecking yards.

    -- If you can't find wheels of a Nissan cube, look at 50$ each plus shipping out of Montreal. I got a great deal. (at the time)

    Rims are made in Finland, no Chinese crap.

    Now I don't need to buy new snow tires.. until I see a parts car with Alloy's....

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    yes, yes, and no.

    14" ALLOY wheel are a heck of a tight fit and dont put the stickon wheel weights where the caliper is..we are talking MAYBE A 1/4" clearance....(without wheel weights).but so far so good!
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    Thanks for the info, Heinekey .

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