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Thread: Excessive oil consumption at 46,000 km?

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    Excessive oil consumption at 46,000 km?

    I hope you can help me figure out why my MANUAL 2015 MICRA S is using too much engine oil. Approximately mileage is at 46,000KM. I just recently checked (yesterday) the oil dipstick and reading on my oil gauge dipstick is add one liter of engine oil. On my last oil change at 38,000KM (correction) at the dealership (High Park Nissan) I complained to the service representative that "I added one liter of engine oil two weeks ago. I don't like it." I'm having an oil change today December 21, 2017 and I will definitely show the service representative the dipstick reading before they change the engine oil. I did not add one liter of oil (I should have) this time because I want to show them. I will definitely ask for an engine checkup this time. I hope that the cylinder head is not crack or leaking oil.
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