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Thread: 2015 Micra SV (owner review)

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    2015 Micra SV (owner review)

    After having my little Ada now for over a month I can now write my first review. I have mostly good things to say about my little micra. That is not very helpful though so here is the break down. Last month I put on snows, blazzaks, as I was in the process of moving to Saskatchewan. I also got a new set of all seasons, because the dealership sold me old tires with my micra, so I argued for at least newer tires. I got them.

    With as much as I can pack, my dog, and mother in tow, we set off across the rockies and prairies. I was curious to see how the little lady would handle in snow. I was nothing but impressed. It was a bit underwhelming on the hills, but we plowed through the back road from Banff through to Exshaw through to Cochrane. We were down to single track and lots of snow. We just kept chugging along. I must say, I would like to see brighter headlights on the car. I am thinking of putting LEDs. On the country roads here I find myself squinting looking for that rogue dear. We nearly hit two moose in PANP. I drive my car every day in the snow and it does just fine. I get looks from all the country folks in their SUVs and pickups, but when I mention it costs me barely 30 for a mid grade half tank fill up and I get nearly 600kms/ tank (guessing based on half a tank), their smirks disappear. I actually don't know the full range, as I keep the tank almost full due to the long distances between fuel stops here and the fact it is cold, and I don't want to run out when it is -20 out.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to find a block heater cord tucked inside the hood. Came in handy the first dip to -15 in Sask. The other day it got down to -28 with wind chill. I only keep the car plugged in overnight if I know I have an early morning appointment, otherwise I plug it in about two hours before I need to go. Never had an issue, so far, with the car starting.

    The car is perfect for the my business and personal needs. I am already thinking of my next one. I am so happy. I am yet to get stuck in snow. Tempted to try to take it on the frozen lake and play race car driver for an afternoon. lol. How fun would that be. Can't let the skidoos have all the fun!!!

    Here is to more back country drives in my micra, Ada!

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    Great review!

    I'm a big fan of front-wheel-drive and 4 good snow tires. As long as you don't have to drive in DEEP snow, it'll do the job just fine.

    I am thinking of putting LEDs. On the country roads here I find myself squinting looking for that rogue dear.
    Definitely worth adding lighting given the conditions you drive in.

    And an air horn so you can scare the big critters away when you spot them!! (Actually, in my experience, honking doesn't seem to get them to move as much as flashing my lights repeatedly. Snap them out of the "deer in the headlights" staring contest with the car.)

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the car so much.

    Please post pics of the ice racing.


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    My advice, install a set of fog light (those aftermarket set)

    For LED headlight bulb, it works, but check will it distract the opposite driver like nuts. (A common problem in GTA)

    Lastly remember to get something lower than 4300K, Yellowish light is the best for both worlds (easy on eyes, and the only color spectrum can cut thru fog)

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