I just complete this project.. an here my thoughts:
I got viper 4806v 2 way remote starter and idatalink bypass module al-ca( module was preprogramed by guy who sold it to me).
1.Find manual on Fortin one-in-all installation - in shows very good pictures of where wires are and what their color.
2. Get two relays with sockets - to by pass clutch pedal position and interlock switches. connect Second ignition wire to control two relays. One relay need to be connected parrallel and secon in series to those two swiches.
3. In viper remote - set parking light output to '+' - small door on remote with fuse in it. It controls white brown pin on main harness.
4. Use hardwire links instead of data cable between remote control an bypass modules( it is extra cables but it is more reliable)
5. 'status' wire on remote is actualy .active while running. on bypass module.
6. Get installation diagram for by pass module from idatalink site(it is free)
7. Search web and find a document called viper 4806 installation. Installation instructions that came with remore starter is too brief and can be confusing.
8. There are plenty of room where bypassmodule and remote starter can be placed under driver kickpanel
9.For installation - driver kick panel and steering wheel covers need to removed. Removing driver kick panel - 2 screws(obdii connector) and two 10mm bolts for hood/gas door release.
Removing steering wheel panel - rotate a steering weel to get access to two screews.
10. Dont forget to disconnect your battery!!!