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Oh, I see what you mean now. I thought this is one of those missing the catalytic convertor, or louder than 98db at red line...

Btw, do you have an idea how loud is it when it redline? & does it have a cat inside?

From what I understand, in Ontario, you can't install the exhaust which is louder than 98db, and must have a Cat in order to pass the highway safety...
There is not dB level under hta. Noise pollution is controlled by the regions, mufflers being louder then stock without any decebel reading, at the officers Discretion, under highway traffic act improper muffler. Damaged, imcomplete, made to enhance engine sound, straight pipes, cat deletes, not running to length of the car ( venting exhaust must be behind the passenger cabin. ) etc. “

It’s a fix it ticket. If you show the court you’ve corrected the situation they’ll possible drop the charge.

But if you reinstall and get a ticket again then they are going to throw the book at you.

If your in a 10year old+ car they can be less d bags about it. As there are only so many options available. And you are required to repair a broken exhaust. But on brand new cars. Non-OEM EXHAUSTS only do one thing. Make more noise. And that’s a no-no. Open your wallet

Cops can’t hear upgraded brakes/ suspension/ and don’t care about that stuff. Unless your hella flush broke tire stanced then your fine.