We presently own a Nissan Cube (the third Cube we have had) and love it. We live in Oregon, USA, but are moving to Northern Ontario in a few months. As we are afraid that the salt will eat the CUBE away once we move to Ontario, and since CUBES are no longer available outside of Japan we were looking for a "beater" car for the winter months. There isn't a lot available for $10k.
Then we came across the MICRA and are seriously considering it; brand new car, full warranty, and in our price range.
We probably won't be taking many long trips in the winter, we will use the 2014 Cube in the summer months.
One reason we really like the Cube is the ease of getting in and out of it; we hope the MICRA will be the same. Are there any older owners that can comment on their experience?

Another concern is the ability to use our existing snow tires.

The MICRA has 185/60R15 tires
We have 195/65R15 snow tires mounted on Nissan 4-bolt steel wheels.
Our tires are 1.2 cm wider, and 3.3 cm greater overall diameter.
Will they fit without rubbing?