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Thread: First oil change coming up. Wondering about cost and what oil is used?

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    First oil change coming up. Wondering about cost and what oil is used?

    Hey everyone.

    The week before I was looking at how much it would cost to get a block heater done on my Micra(2017). I went to two dealerships in my city and one could only give me the price of the part. I had to talk to three other people to get the cost of labor and how much. I talked to one other person and they told me to go and talk to another person to find out labour and I got irritated and left. Before I left I found it was $69.99 for an oil change, fine. The second dealership got me the cost of the block heater, labor and cost, good. I asked how much it would cost and I was told "it would be $79.99". I asked "why so much for 3.5L of oil on a 1.6?" They women replied "we use full synthetic and it's recommended for the 2017's." The manual says "5w-30 for oil" but nothing about synthetic blend or a full synthetic oil.

    So I am wondering, is that what others have paid to get their oil change? Do the dealers use full synthetic or is it 50/50? Do you find it cheaper just to do it yourself?

    I'm curious....

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    its a bit cheaper to DIY if you get the oil on sale . YOU will also prefill the filter with oil, but your dealer wont.
    it is literately the easiest car to work on, there is no bellypan and he filter is in the front, TBH i dont think i jacked it up last time just to see if it could be done. PS a good time to check the spare, needed it last week 32 PSI not great

    dont use synthetic, will check in with you in 250,000 kms
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    Assuming the 2015 and 2017 have the same engine etc. I've always had full synthetic 5w30 put in where I get mine done, they don't have the Micra on file so the Note's specs are used - in and out in 20 minutes, I watch the work and know some of the employees - never had a problem. Costs about 90 after taxes. Synthetic's an option for the older models, but from what I've seen, a lot of the 2017's from Nissan have started to list synthetic as the preferred oil to use, but any SAE 5w30ish oil will maintain the warranty.


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