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Thread: Let's talk lowering. Looking for Coilovers or springs that will get me good figment.

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    Question Let's talk lowering. Looking for Coilovers or springs that will get me good figment.

    So there's not much it seems upon searching for lowering options.
    I'm looking for Parts that will hopefully remain the sway bars.
    I don't want to sacrifice handling for looks.

    I'll settle with lowering springs as well, I'm planning on adding fender flares to the car, so if it's to high it will look weird lol. If anyone has any suggestions or even has lowered their car please share your setups !Name:  IMG_1226.jpg
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    Most have chosen the coilover route, for me it was because lower + stock shocks = bottoming out way to often with my rim set. Most of the coilover sets don't have the front sway bar mounting tab (like mine - though I'm sending a pattern to my metal fabricator from work to remedy this as other routes have failed lol). Nobuseri (forum member) though, found out for us that the Nismo S version of the coilovers (tein's) are exactly the same as the ones several of us have bought... except they have the mounting tab. So that's probably the preferred option for anyone else.

    Having lowered the car, even without the front sway bar, it doesn't feel any looser - that said I'm excited to see what it'll feel like once the sway bar is reattached.

    Which flares are you thinking of using? I'm hoping to have mine mounted tomorrow


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    Cusco and many other Japanese brands e.g RS*R also offers good coilovers with the tabs if spec'd for the Nismo S version of the car (Japan only)

    My setup includes progressive lowering springs from RS*R (Ti2000 series) spec'd for the March model in Japan, (1.5" lowered front and rear) with upgraded front sway bar and additional rear bar from Cusco spec'd from the Nismo S version. Turns out the stock sway bar is the exact sway bar used on the Nismo S trim in Japan.

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