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    I received AlphaMicra's 2015 Nissan Micra SV after receiving my G licence. I returned my father's 2009 Pontiac Torrent AWD once my insurance rates dropped after getting my G. I drove Alpha's '09 Pontiac Torrent when I had my G2 to receive lower insurance rates. Now that my insurance has dropped significantly, I made an agreement to trade vehicles, since the Torrent is used for towing and camping. My Micra was the first car that I learned how to drive on and it was the car in which I learned how to drive stick


    LED licence plate light, aluminium alloy rims, larger tires (to correct the speedometer)

    Aftermarket tint (35% front, 15% rear)

    LED lights (ceiling and hatch), wired in dashcam, Bluetooth Streaming Audio AUX connector

    LED footwell lighting

    Convenience package radio, Bluetooth Streaming Audio AUX connector

    1.6 L DOHC

    Aftermarket Air Horns

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    Congrats on inheriting the Micra! (And also a belated welcome to the forum.)

    You're in a very small minority -- so few new drivers learn stick anymore.


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    Over the past few months, I've added some modifications to My Micra. Some of the main ones include:

    - Aftermarket air horns (After having a near miss in heavy traffic with a tractor trailer that couldn't hear my factory horn, I decided to upgrade it. Video coming soon)

    - White LED footwell lights

    - Aftermarket tint - 35% front / 15% rear (legal in Ontario, according to the shop)

    Now over 126,000 km and still running like new with only a minor weld repair to the exhaust and a new $15 radiator cap from partsource. The radio issue also goes away once the car has warmed up and only occurs in temperatures below 3 degrees (though I might still pull it out and look deeper into what's going on)

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