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Thread: My Micra SV Race car :), Roadtrips, Modification, Experiences, Gas usages.

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    Talking My Micra SV Race car :), Roadtrips, Modification, Experiences, Gas usages.

    I drove from Ontario to Alberta this summer with this beauty. My 6 month old car has 25000km already. It's been used for deliveries as my old job and now as a more relaxed daily driver. Ive even lived in it a few days for fun. My Micra is amazing. I've owned a 350z, Scion FRS, and a few other coupe not worth mentioning, but this car is by far my favourite. It's super light! It's crazy good on gas!! And with some slight modifications and stickers it looks good!! When I say good I mean it looks better. The Micra is a good looking hatch for starters.

    The drive from Ontario was a 3 day process. Stayed in a few hotels after 10 hours of driving a day. It's a 3800km drive from where I left in Ontario. Lots of beautiful areas through Canada!!! But I thought no the coolest part of this trip was the gas consumption. I used about 250$ of gas if not a little less to get here. I was everaging arround 600km a tank. 6.4L per 100km.

    The micra is a simple car, it's a car, basic transportation! It does what you want and does it well, it's cheap and it's made with parts that can easily be serviced for a low price. People don't usually say to younger people to get a bank loan for a new car, but a Micra ain't a bad idea. I got 160k km warranty on mine. That should last if I drive it easy until the end of the 7 years now.

    Now I have lived in my micra, and setting up pillows and blankets isn't comfy at all! I mean obviously it's not suppose to be, but overall sleeping in the front seat was not bad lol. So if you ever have too, it's not a bad sleep.

    Im a pretty big car enthusiast and I love my micra more then I've ever loved any of my sport coupes. And here's my micra.Name:  IMG_1068.jpg
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    Welcome, Onyx!

    I've owned a 350z, Scion FRS, and a few other coupe ... but this car is by far my favourite.
    That's high praise for the Micra.

    I know 2 people with FRS/BRZ and they love their cars. Did you trade yours for the Micra? What didn't you like about it?


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    Rims look great on this car...nice stripe too!

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