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Thread: Is it easy to install a block heater on the Micra?

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    Is it easy to install a block heater on the Micra?

    Hey everyone!
    I didn't realize until after I bought my Micra and did a looking around that I couldn't find the block heater cord. I talked to the dealership that I got the car from and they wanted $250.00 to get the part and install it. I've done my own oil changes, tires changes on vehicles etc. I was wondering how easy would it be to install the block heater myself?

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    I don't think anybody here has done one yet, since the Micra USED to come with the block heater standard for the first couple of
    years it was on sale.

    Your best bet might be to search on the Nissan Versa forums for 1.6L factory block heater installations. I did a quick search, and found some references to people installing "Canadian spec" OEM heaters.

    If it's like some other OEM ones that I've seen, the heater may be a simple "cartridge" style that plugs into a cavity in the block, which makes it very easy to do.


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    I know they don't come with them by default currently but are a dealer installed option. Nissan where I live installs them on every vehicle they get. I haven't taken a good look at mine yet but I'd put money on it just screwing into a drain plug or similar.

    If the dealer can do it on every new car coming in the door, you can easily do it. Just ask for the part number from your local Nissan.
    If you need a hand locating the installation point I can take a look and post some pictures from mine.

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