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UPDATE: Micra-Forum's fuel economy tracker is now online.

Start recording your results here: Micra Fuel Economy Log

Step 1: enter your car details
Step 2: add your fill-up data


I hope you early owners will share your fuel economy results with the rest of us.

Since the Micra has a built in resettable fuel consumption display, we luckily don't have to wait until fill-up time to know how the car is doing, but the most accurate results only come from recording your distance & fuel use each time you fill up.

(The onboard gauge isn't dead accurate. Some owners have reported 5-10% error. It was 4.5% optimistic in the SR automatic I borrowed from Nissan.)

My own results:

Fuel Economy Details
Micra SR
5.4 L/100 km = 52.3 mpg (Imperial) = 43.6 mpg (US) 2 fill-ups over 940.5 km (584 mi.) in this Micra on loan from Nissan. Using basic eco-driving techniques, summer weather.
Micra S
5.1 L/100 km = 55 mpg Imperial = 46 mpg US = 19.6 km/L Non-eco-driving in and around Cornwall, Ont. Cool, fall conditions. (Reading taken from onboard display, which is ~5% optimistic.) See thread: Micra manual vs. automatic MPG/fuel economy comparison
Micra SR
5.6 L/100 km = 50 mpg Imperial = 42 mpg US Eco-driving in and around Montreal. Summer weather. (Reading taken from onboard display, which is ~5% optimistic.) See: ecodriving a 5-speed and automatic Micra in Montreal
Micra SV
5.1 L/100 km = 55 mpg Imperial = 46 mpg US Same as above

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Fuel economy computer in a Micra SR automatic after a 120 km trip in warm, dry weather, driving near the 80 km/h speed limit.

The Micra's MPG ratings should be easy to beat...

The Micra is the first Canadian car that is subject to the revised NRCAN "5-cycle" fuel consumption testing methods, which apply starting with the 2015 model year (and which are the same as the U.S. EPA's current testing method).

My experience is that it's pretty easy to beat the new ratings, unless...

You tend to "drive it like you stole it"; or you travel well over the speed limit on the highway; or you face a LOT of stop & go traffic; or you drive mostly short trips (eg. a few km) so the car spends a high proportion of its time driving "cold".