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I am ready to bet that it is prewired... since taking my steering wheel apart this past weekend. Been thinking of buying a steering wheel from an SV or SR with the airbag blown from the wrecker. If the price is low enough Ill buy one just to find out. Worst case senario, I'll end up with just steering wheel mounted radio control.

It's gotta be pre-wired.. The SV manual has cruise control. It wouldn't make sense to vary the wiring that much on identically spec'd vehicles. I haven't spent much time wrenching on my micra yet though so I definitely can't confirm.

I was looking at the S and while I can live without A/C for 95% of the year, installing power locks and power windows after the fact wasn't very appealing but I didn't realize it had no CC either.

Who wants to put money on one of these wheels from the Versa Note fitting our Micra?