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Thread: At what Km range did your Micra "break in"

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    At what Km range did your Micra "break in"

    I noticed on my Jeep patriot that at around 20k I started getting much better gas range out of it. Are you guys getting similar results on the micra as well? I am hovering around 6.3l combined in the micra with 9400 kms on it. Just wondering if I its as good as its going to get or will it loosen up a bit more as time goes on?

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    Probably the bigger impact on fuel economy stagnating -- and starting to decline -- is the effect of dropping outside temperatures:

    Thread: Why your Micra's fuel economy is worse in the winter


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    Ever since the price of petrol dropped below a buck a liter, fuel economy was no longer a concern for me, and so I've been driving in...let's say a manner that is not very economical. I still get double the economy of my Pontiac Torrent driven relatively conservatively.

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