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Thread: The Nissan Micra Cup was a brilliant promo

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    The Nissan Micra Cup was a brilliant promo

    The way cars are computer engineered and tested in physics software nowadays, even a crappy car is a good car. So I was looking for the cheapest new car possible. So about a dozen cars made my list. What moved the Micra to the top of the list?

    Watching the Nissan Micra Cup on YouTube. Watching the cars race and more importantly, watching them crash.

    After that I realized: I'd put my kid in that! Have 11,000 km on it and loving the car. The gas I saved from having a '99 Ford Explorer makes the car payments. After test driving a whole bunch of different cars, the Micra fit the baby seat, the doggy kennel and still has room for groceries and wifey (note order of importance) and I don't bang my head getting in and out (which ruled out the Prius even though I loved its gas mileage) was the final deal maker.

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