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Thread: Micra / Versa automatic transmission fluid level (4-speed AT)

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    The procedure I had to follow was because I didn't have a jack - as described. You can obviously access things under the car, from under the car. I was in a parking lot, on a mountain, 8 hours from my house, and in a province that doesn't have service centres open on the weekend. As stated, "to get this view (and to reach in if you can't get under the car)" - The guide is to say, you can do this in a parking lot with nothing but a bent fork if you're mechanically inclined and ingenuitive.

    The specialty tools listed are 1) the removal tool (it's a thing that exists at Nissan) for the breather cap, and 2) the filler tool for the trans-pan plug since the breather cap is not actually how the transmission is supposed to be filled - see Nissan tech doc provided above.

    aside from the "Super Special Tool™ available from A.C.E." ... being a joke about the mangled fork, and my company
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