I decided to start this thread for people who are looking to mod their Micras, specifically the wheel/tire route. I know I will definitely be doing so once the car comes out.

Perhaps the first Micra on modified wheels in North America is this press release car seen at the Toronto release, on 18x7 +42 4x100 OZ Superturismo GT in Grigio Corsa. Tires are 205/40/18. I am surprised at how perfect the fitment is, but do note the car is lowered on something, probably springs I assume. That particular wheel spec installed on the Micra below is also a very rare and unpopular size, and is very difficult to find anywhere outside of Europe. I have contacted both Tire Rack and Vivid Racing to see if it would be possible to order this particular size in, given that they carry a variety of other sizes of the Superturismo.