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Thread: Aftermarket stereo with sv steering wheel controls

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    Aftermarket stereo with sv steering wheel controls

    Does anybody know if the stock micra convenience package head unit is used in any other Nissan vehicle ? I have the ASWC-1 and it auto programs the steering wheel controls to aftermarket radios, but the problem is that it's made by an american company so when I go to pull up the wiring diagrams the Micra isn't listed.....

    i'm hoping that nissan uses it in another similar vehicle Like the versa for example. If anybody could help me it would be much appreciated .

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    Versa note

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    Name:  2014-Nissan-Versa-Note-SV-cockpit.jpg
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Size:  95.2 KB But, When I look at google images the 2014 versa note has a different head unit/steering wheel.

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    Yes but the connections should be the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
    Yes but the connections should be the same.
    Are they the same?

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    According to this site

    they are VERY similar.

    the versa page talks about a C2 that is not mentioned on the micra page


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    - When searching for audio gear, etc. that will work with the Micra, for all intents and purposes the Micra is the same as the Versa Note without navigation.

    - In the workshop manual the audio system pinouts are on page AV-34 (see attached below), there's also a lot more useful info in the AV section.

    - You can find the entire workshop manual here if you're interested: MICRA K13 2010-2017 WORKSHOP MANUAL

    - The Axxess ASWC-1 or PAC CP2 will retain your steering wheel controls and might give you some extra options, but won't work for the phone answer/hangup. They're probably not even necessary as you'll see below.

    - This guide is based on installing a Sony XAV-AX500 head unit with custom steering wheel control settings available.

    EDIT - May 28 2020:
    - I finally got around to installing the PAC BT-SWC-NI1 Bluetooth Steering Wheel Control Retention Adapter and it works without the PAC CP2 unit.
    - It doesn't seem to access push to talk (PTT) from the steering wheel phone button like you can with the stock head unit, but it will definitely answer and hang up calls (tested and working).
    - Not having access to PTT from the steering wheel isn't really a problem because CarPlay and Android Auto will let you voice dial anyway...
    - You can still answer incoming calls and hang up your calls with the steering wheel buttons, which is all that's really necessary IMO.

    To retain the phone controls you'll need:
    - PAC BT-SWC-NI1 Bluetooth Steering Wheel Control Retention Adapter - This C2 32-pin harness adapter isn't sold in Canada as far as I can tell, so you'll likely have to order from the US.
    - Axxess also makes their own version, the AX-NIS32BT and it is available in Canada at Crutchfield.
    - The BT unit in the Micra is located under the front passenger seat.
    - You'll need to remove the passenger seat, some trim and pull up the carpet to access the BT unit.

    To retain your factory back up camera you'll need:
    - Axxess-AX-NIS32WC-6V harness adapter.
    - It's an all-in-one mostly pre-built harness that will save you time and headaches because it has the 6v camera voltage adapter and video RCA included.
    - If you're not going to use the ASWC-1 (or PAC CP-2) just leave the ASWC-1 connector and 3.5mm jack connector disconnected and taped off.

    To retain your factory USB input in the centre console you'll need:
    - Metra AX-NISUSB-2 adapter
    - I don't think Crutchfield Canada sells it so you'll have to source it from somewhere else (link is to

    To bypass the parking brake lockout you'll need:
    - MicroBypass Parking Brake Override Bypass for Sony
    - The guy who makes the MicroBypass interface(s) doesn't seem to sell them on his website, only on Amazon.

    FYI, you don't even need the ASWC-1 or PAC CP-2 to retain your audio controls (track/volume/source) with the Sony XAV-AX5000 (and possibly other head units):
    - You can patch a 3.5mm cable into the stock wiring harness if your head unit already has customizable settings for steering wheel controls built in.
    - Sony has several decks with the ability to custom set the audio/phone controls built in.
    - Again, phone answer/hangup controls are separate via BT on the Micra, so only the audio controls will work with this mod unless you add the PAC BT-SWC-NI1 Bluetooth Steering Wheel Control Retention Adapter.
    - DigiKey has the perfect 3.5mm right angle pigtail cable for this purpose.
    - Most standard headphone 3.5mm stereo cables have a braided shield instead of an actual third wire for ground but the DigiKey version has a separate ground wire instead of the braided shield and really saves a bunch of hassle on the install...
    - To tap into the factory harness I recommend using these Posi-Products Tap-It Wire Connectors.
    - They're super easy to install, very solid and if you want to go back to stock, you won't have any cut wires to worry about (if you remove the Tap-It, wrap some Tesa (my preference) or electrical tape around the puncture made in the wire).
    - On the 3.5mm cable, wire the ground (sleeve) to pin 15 ground.
    - Wire the other 2 connections to pins 6 (Control A, tip) and 16 (Control B, ring).
    - If you can't get the controls to set after wiring it up, then flip 6 and 16 around and try to set the controls again, this won't hurt anything.
    - If it doesn't work after that, then your head unit probably isn't compatible with this method.
    - Pin 19 on the 20-pin connector is 12v power and it's yellow.
    - When viewed from the pin side Pin 19 (yellow power) will be on the very end at the far right.
    - You should be able to work out which pins 6, 15 and 16 are from there (see the numbered 20-pin connector diagram in the bottom attachment).

    On a 3.5mm stereo connector the pin out is usually (not always):
    - Sleeve is the bottom ring and usually ground (Ground for this purpose)
    - Ring is the middle ring and usually R audio or other (Steering wheel control B for this purpose)
    - Tip is the top ring (tip) and usually positive or L audio (Steering wheel control A for this purpose)

    - All of the above is for informational purposes only...
    - I'm pretty sure I've covered everything but please do your research and arm yourself with the necessary information.
    - If you aren't sure about what you're doing, please don't do it!
    - I don't take any responsibility for anything that gets broken, messed up, voids your warranty or anything else.
    - If you find you can't do the work yourself, please find a knowledgable professional installer and have them do it for you.


    Name:  3.5mm connector audio contol pinout.jpg
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