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Thread: So this is what i did this long weekend. trunk bumper protection.

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    I only know Ontario, so "HTA Part VI" - you only need 2 forward white lamps, and 1 rear facing red lamp. 2 rear lamps are standard on cars since we have corners and indicators which must be visible from the side. The third, red, rear lamp can be disconnected if desired, and 1 of the 2 rear brake lights can burn out and you're still in the clear.

    So long as they are red but not flashing, it's perfectly fine.


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    My 2015 SV's previous owner opted for the metal protector plates. It was a Nissan Executive owned car so I have a TON of options that the SV shouldn't have. I will try to nab a pic soon, but the aluminium bumper protectors are GREAT when you play hockey and have a bag in and out a few times a week!

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