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Thread: Dim Headlight Issues Anyone?

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    Always pays to do research.

    "Bottom line. Premium bulbs might be a good choice if you prefer a more intense or whiter light, but don’t expect big changes in the distance you can see compared with standard or new OE bulbs. For the premium bulbs we tested, shop by price."

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    Ill agree with smut on tires. Never cheap out on those. Wipers- Go with something proven to work. Headlights?

    Well then!

    There ya go. $64.00 each.

    Or, you know.. Go with good bulbs and slow down a little if you can't see..


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    I drove with the stock headlights for 5 months and I think that upgrading the stock headlights to LED's is an excellent decisions.

    I bought these and had them installed for $250:

    Fog, rain, snow and poor highway lighting. Nova Scotia can have terrible driving conditions sometimes. I feel much safer on the road at night. Not only can I see farther, but other people spot me sooner.

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