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Thread: Micras hold their value

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    Micras hold their value

    I'm signed up for google alerts for the Micra so I can read all the interesting info being put out there on the car. This means I also get the occasional odd story, and lots of car ads. I usually ignore the car ads, but this one stood out. Its from Australia, and it is a 2012 K13 Micra. It has a 4 speed auto trans and 1.5L HR15DE engine. From the description it is an ST-L trim, which is their middle trim model. However, the shocking thing to me is the price, its $14,855 (over $15,000 CAD). A brand new K13 starts at $15,750 (ST-L starts at $17,800). Maybe its just me, but that seems like a pretty good resale value IMO.

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    Sounds good to me! Only losing a couple thousand in a couple of years!

    Only question is what the resale value of other cars (similar or not) are compared to the resale value of the Micra. Maybe Australia just has a good resale value overall?

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