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Thread: New owner, looking for advice on roof racks/bike racks

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    Smile New owner, looking for advice on roof racks/bike racks

    Hey, folks.

    Just purchased a 2015 Micra for a commuter. Wondering if anyone has some recommendations for roof racks and bike racks?

    Really appreciate it.

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    I have roof racks for my juke haven't put them on my micra yet but I will at the end of the month with our thule ski pod. That should make my micra look real small

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    Welcome to the forum!

    We have a few members who have bought racks...

    IMPUL has one:
    Thread: Nissan roof rack

    So does Papapoil:

    Woofer did a hitch-mounted one:

    Thread: Micra trailer hitch... and hitch-mounted bike rack

    Callmemister did a basic hatch-strap-on one:

    Thread: 2500 km roadtrip. Micra Camper mode.

    And Alpha shows you can fit a large bike in the car OK without a rack at all:

    Thread: Passed the bike test

    Keep in mind a roof-mounted rack will murder your highway fuel economy compared to a rear mounted one (2nd best) or in the car (best).


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    What do you guys think of these fleabay racks?
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    I noticed that this thread hasn't been updated in a little bit, so I thought I would share what worked for me in hopes it can work for others.

    Yesterday I tried out my new trunk/hatch mounted bike carrier for my 2017 Micra SV, and it seemed to have held up very well, especially considering we have some very bad roads here in Saskatoon. I tested the rack on the road both without a bike (Trip A) and with a bike mounted to it (Trip B).

    For Trip A, I drove down some residential streets and on busy streets (top speed of 50 km/hr) with tons of potholes and cracks in the road. Once I got to my destination, I didn't notice any loosening of the straps, nor was there any movement of the rack laterally along the bumper.

    For Trip B, I drove down a busy freeway in Saskatoon (Circle Dr) with a top speed of 90 km/hr. After I got to where I needed to be, again, the straps didn't come loose, and no lateral movement. The bike also didn't sway and cause damage to the car.

    The rack that I used is called the Hollywood Racks Express 2. It can hold up to two bikes, with a max load of 70lbs (avg of 35lbs per bike). I purchased the rack on Amazon after watching installation tutorials and reading plenty of reviews on many sites. It retails for about $86 CAD and is eligible for Prime shipping. It comes with four hooking straps total (two for the top, and two for the bottom), as well as an anti-sway strap, which I also used to help prevent the wheels from spinning.

    Here are some pics of what it looks like on my car:

    From the four trips I have made in total with this rack, I have not noticed any paint chipping from using the hooks (at least not yet). I'll post back here if I do notice it.

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