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Thread: SMarch :: 2012 Nissan March Advance (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    March Advance
    Oxford Gray
    5 Speed Manual

    Got this little fun car february 2015, learned how to drive a manual transmission in it, pretty much fell in love with it.

    Car got a full makeover a couple months ago. Pretty much every panel got repainted/worked on, but the roof.

    Will update with actual pics of vehicle. Soon™.

    Name derives from the fact that my father mixes up Smart + March, as small cars apparently are the same to him, LOL. Might change in the near future.


    Running HELLA High Performance 2.0 Bulbs, and every single bulb but the license plates ones got replace by a high quality LED equivalent. Remember to make sure the tail/stop lights (P21/5W) have an adequate variation between modes!

    Dome light swapped for a LED flat module, same for the trunk light.

    Black Ice fresher

    Planning to add puddle lights and rear passenger lighting, connected to the dome light.

    Pretty much the sound system that came with the car. No bluetooth, planning to change that.


    No changes as of yet, Soon™.

    Going to get me a spare air box and make a cold air intake.


    Added a front strut bar, a front stress bar and now sporting a rear strut bar.
    Made at a local shop, here's their website:

    Handling bastly improved, car now feels safer, more solid. It really helps with our 3rd world streets. There used to be some understeering with only the front suspension getting stiffer, now that the rear strut bar works in tandem it's buttery smooth. Maybe I'll get me a rear stress bar done, too.

    Pictures show the exact bars I have, though mine are red. Someday I'll take my own.

    Swapped all 4 tires for Michelin Energy XM2, 185/65R15.

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    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing the pics.

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    Bienvenida, not_a_bot!

    Love that username... considering I'm always on the lookout for spambots, I checked your page right away.


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    Thank you both for the welcome, even if I'm just a bit late.

    Updated info. Feeling the urge to go all out. My budget keeps me at bay, though.

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