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Small, light, inexpensive cars are favourites of RV owners for "dinghy towing" or "flat towing, four down" behind their campers. (In other words, towing with all four wheels on the ground, as opposed to putting the car on a trailer or tow dolly.)

The 2015 Micra in the Americas (including Canada) uses the same drivetrains as the 1.6L Nissan Versa, so we can look to that car for information:

UPDATE: from the 2015 Micra owner's manual...

Manual Transmission (if so equipped)
● Always tow with the manual transmission in Neutral.
● After towing 805 km (500 miles), start and idle the engine with the transmission in Neutral for two minutes. Failure to idle the engine after every 805 km (500 miles) of towing may cause damage to internal transmission parts.

Automatic Transmission (if so equipped)
To tow a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission,an appropriate vehicle dolly MUST be placed under the towed vehicle’s drive wheels. Always follow the dolly manufacturer’s recommendations when using their product.
Automatic transmission: No ...

Not surprisingly, the 4-speed automatic can't be flat towed, according to

Why not? Most automatic transmissions require the engine to be running when the vehicle is moving because the engine drives the transmission's oil pump which lubricates internal parts. If the engine's off while the car is moving, the transmission can be damaged.

Manual transmission: Yes, but ...

The manual transmission can be flat towed in neutral on 4-wheels, with the condition that the engine must be started and idled in neutral for 2 minutes every 500 miles / 800 kilometers to circulate transmission oil for proper lubrication.

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