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Thread: 500km round-trip road trip in the Candy Apple Micra.

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    500km round-trip road trip in the Candy Apple Micra.

    Just back from an approximately 500km round trip in the Micra SV auto. Averaged 6.2L/100km. Drove from St. John's to Argentia/Placentia Newfoundland, then to St. Mary's where we stayed overnight at my friend's cabin, then around the 'Irish Loop' through Trepassey all the way back to St. John's. Was a very nice drive and the weather was actually really nice! Here's a pic of the route, my gas mileage, and some shots of Argentia.

    Argentia was a US Air Force base that operated from WWII, through the cold war, and closed down in 1994. Most of the structures have been demolished save for one hangar and a warehouse as shown in the first couple of pictures. You can also see what used to be the old runway and the landing lights. Also the last pics were of one of many hidden explosive bunkers still standing there.

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    Nice! Thanks for posting pics. Is that one of the massive hangar doors laying on the floor of the hanger on the right? Did you get out on an abandoned runway for a top speed run?

    Looks like a nice roadtrip. I only got as far south of St John's as Ferryland the one time I visited your neck of the woods.

    Oh, and 6.2 is quite decent. Congrats.


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