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  1. Selling my Micra - Lots of upgrades - Low Mileage - 5spd manual

    Excellent condition, a variety of upgrades, well maintained and under 29k KM.

    Pioneer and Kicker speakers, Nismo flywheel, Nismo engine mount, Nismo tranny mount, Nismo engine torque rod, Nissan...
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    For sale: TANABE GF210 Springs

    Selling my Tanabe GF210 springs.
    They're lightly used and in mint condition. The original box is also included! Selling them because I'm selling my Micra.
    All in, they cost over $300 new.
  3. Stock parts for sale: stabilizer bar, head unit, muffler

    I have a factory unit, muffler, stabilizer bar, and stabilizer bar bushings and clamps from my 2018 K13 now available.
    All parts are low mileage. All work fine.

    Asking prices:
    Stabilizer bar,...
  4. 2018 Nissan Micra SV (Garage entry)

    2018 Nissan Micra SV (Garage entry) (2021-08-10 12:02:53)
  5. FS: COMPLETE BLITZ Throttle Controller for Micra, Versa, Versa Note and More.

    -Everything displayed is included.
    -The control module, on/off switch, and wiring are hardly used, and they're functioning 100%.
    -10 modes: 2 smart modes, 4 mild, 4 sport. The settings work...
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    I have Tanabe springs for sale. I will DM you...

    I have Tanabe springs for sale. I will DM you with details.
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