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  1. OE Struts, Shocks and Cut Springs for K13 Micra and E12 Versa Note

    Hi, everyone.
    I'm selling my original equipment front struts, shocks, and springs.
    These parts are from my own Micra and they have just 39,000 KM on them.
    They are working 100% just fine. I'm...
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    I do! ...

    I do!
  3. SOLD

  4. FS: Set of 15" Aluminum rims with tires - Excellent set! - Located in Toronto

    Hello, everyone. I'm selling a spare set of wheels that I had on my Micra.
    -They look awesome on Micras, as they match the car well and have an attractive design.
    -They're fully balanced with...
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    2022 Nissan SV (Garage entry)

    2022 Nissan SV (Garage entry) (2022-05-12 12:47:22)
  6. I put these on my Micra....

    I put these on my Micra.
    Better stopping power than the stock parts and really cheap. Haven't had any...
  7. No Longer For Sale

    Item no longer available.
  8. Racing Steering Wheel With 2" Extension

  9. FOR SALE: Engine Mount, Transmission Mount Excellent Condition

    -I have an engine mount and transmission mount for sale. All of them are OE units uninstalled from Micra.
    -They have extremely low mileage on them.
    -The engine mount and engine torque rod...
  10. ***SOLD TO RICHARD***

  11. BLITZ BSSB1 Smart Throttle Controller For NISSAN Micra, Versa, Juke, & Others


  12. *******SOLD*******

  13. Tanabe Sustec NF210 Lowering Springs - Ready to go.

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